Chefs gastro-engineering back to Naples 
​with leading lady chef Lobke Van den Wijngaert.
International meeting 
​  "Atelier of health: experiences, paths and solutions to live ... better"

Gastrological approach in Primary Food Care
March 15th - Naples
March 16th  -  Rome

Gastrologic approach to malnutrition

​Let’s build a bridge between the harbours of Rotterdam and Naples and let’s call it
“The Pasta-Hachee Bridge”

The Gastrological Vision

Some people experience taste changes during or after cancer treatment that can lead to loss of appetite, weight loss, and food aversions, which is disliking specific foods.

Chefs trained in selective taste steering can help patients to relieve such side effects.


The research project: “Effects of O-box guided taste steering in chemotherapy induced taste changes” has got the support of “Stand Up to Cancer” (Flanders-Belgium), a social profit organisation active in Flanders, the Dutch speaking part of Belgium.


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